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Surprise everyone!

Bring cool surprises while providing the best user experience at the same time.

Print comes to life

Make brochures, magazines, newspapers, shirts, tattoos and other printed materials interactive

Interactive venues

Add interactivy to your existing galleries, and street murals artworks

 Awesomeness on concert & events!

Bring more fun on events and exhibits!

Level up TV show games and activities

Turn ALL your audience as game or activity participants, leave no one behind.


Quick engaging campaign

Reach more users by letting them use their own mobile device to view cool stuff such as animated 3d artworks, unlimited games, holographic forms for registration/surveys/etc, embedded apps and more


Easy & quick update

Seamlessly make revisions to your campaign without downtime

Looking for White Label solution?

A custom solution for your requirement is on hand.

Campaign anywhere, anytime

Run campaign anywhere & anytime. No more too technical things to think about. 

Easy and Simple to Use

Download, install,
load datasets and voila! Auto-updating datasets for
premium subscribers


Reach millions of users

From simple brochure to TV ads and show, engage target users in bulk and even at the same time. 


HoloWorld is the universal AR app, one single app that can cater all 

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Sell new technology

Be proud being part of the new trends and futuristic technology


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Beat the competition by having cool and trendy value added services 


Unlimited earnings

Earn as long as the main client is subscribing on the service, not just one time sales


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